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It is our desire at Divine Home Care of Ohio is to improve the quality of life of our clients. Through prayer and direction from God, we will accomplish this by:

  • Providing comprehensive, reliable and economical professional care, through innovation and the highest standards of care
  • Bringing compassion, comfort and safety to those with memory loss, the aged and lonely
  • Maintaining and promoting well being and optimal functioning in the home setting, with respect and dignity
  • Providing consistent care to those recuperating from injury or illness
  • Giving relief and rest to those providing home care to family or friend
  • Supporting clients and or family with our prayers


When you’re ill or recovering from an injury, there’s no place you’d rather be than home  with the people you love. Divine Home Care offers a full spectrum of home care services ranging from skilled nursing services, home health aide assisting with activities of daily living, to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to high-tech procedures. Simply being in comfort of your home and familiar surroundings has proven to be one step toward a speedy recovery.

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As a Home Care Agency, we are committed to providing quality care with excellence and determined to meet our client’s home care needs using the highest standard of care. We believe that all patients and their families play an integral part in developing a plan of care that will result in their optimal physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Divine home care is committed to CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE.


– The worth and dignity of all people and their right to privacy.
– Positive attitude with high premium on excellence and professionalism.
– The right of people to make informed choices.
– A creative, holistic approach to individual and family needs.
– Health and wellness throughout life.
– Continuous self and agency improvement to meet the changing needs of individuals and our communities.
– To coordinate services and assure continuity of care, our team work closely with the physician, discharge team and other providers.


– Increase clients satisfaction of services provided.
– Foster client independence within client optimum level of functioning.
– Increase the quality and value of client lifestyle.
– Build a single culture that is customer-focused .
– Embody ethics, pride, integrity, passion and respect for others in everything we do.
– To provide equal opportunity in employment and services to all applicants and clients.


– Skilled Nursing Services
– Physical Therapy
– Occupational Therapy
– Speech Therapy
– Home Health Aide / Private Duty
– Laboratory Services (Skilled Patients)