What are the requirements for a patient to be eligible for home health services under Medicare Coverage?

To qualify for home health services, one must meet one or more of the following:

  • Homebound due to illness or disability 
  • Homebound is defined by Medicare as “normal inability to leave the home and that leaving the home requires considerable and taxing effort.”
  • Under the care of a physician who will authorize home healthcare 
  • In need of intermittent skilled services that can be provided at home – Intermittent care enables the patient to receive the highest quality healthcare only when assistance is needed, eliminating the cost of full-time, around-the-clock care. Whether you are recovering from surgery, illness, or managing a disease, we are here to provide nursing care, rehabilitation, and support services in the comfort of your home.
  • The skilled care must be medically necessary as determined by the physician.
  • What is Covered by Medicare?

What is covered by Medicare?

When a client qualifies for home health services, Medicare will cover 100% of part time home health services (i.e. Nursing, Physical Therapy, Home Health Aide, all other therapies, 80% of the approved amount for Durable Medical Equipment (i.e. wheelchair, hospital bed, walker). Medicaid and some private insurances also cover qualified home health services.

How long are services covered by Medicare?

Medicare pays for covered home health services as long as the services are medically reasonable and necessary. However, the Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Home Health Aide services are covered on a part time or “intermittent” basis. That is, a number of sessions (or visits) are covered each week for a limited amount of time. For example, a patient may receive up to 3 Medicare-covered Nursing visits, 2 Home Health Aide visits per week and therapy services until goals are met.

Who can refer patients to Divine Home care?

A patient can be referred to DIVINE HOME CARE OF OHIO, LLC by a physician, hospital discharge planner, social worker, or registered nurse. However, ANYONE (patient, friend, family or love ones) may refer a patient to DIVINE HOME CARE OF OHIO, LLC. At this point, we will dispatch a nurse to conduct an in-home evaluation to confirm a potential client’s eligibility for home care services. All referrals must be under the order of a physician and assistance will be given in obtaining a home care order from the attending physician.

What if I have a problem at night or weekend?

Please call (419) 222-9410 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the on-call nurse

Do I need a Physician Order for Home Health?

Yes, all home health services in the home MUST be order by the physician. All services must occur under the direction and supervision of the patient’s physician. Patient need physician order at the start of home care and ongoing till discharge.  Private pay patient does not require physician order except when necessary.

Who can pay for the services rendered by DIVINE HOME CARE, LLC?

Most Insurance companies covered Home Care Services. But some verifications may be needed with some insurance providers before services can be started. The following payment methods are accepted, including:

  • Medicare (100% coverage) 
  • Medicaid (authorization may be required) 
  • Private insurance: HMOs, PPOs (authorization may be required)
  • Self-pay

How do I find out more about home health care?

Please call our office today, to find more on how you can benefit from home health services at: (419) 222-9410 or Toll free: (877) 883-4846

What type of services can be provided at home?

Many medical conditions that previously required hospitalization can safely be treated in the home. Home care services may include but are not limited to:

Home Care Management: This include collaboration with patient physician, while our clinical team ensure that each patient receives appropriate and professional care with their acute or chronic illness. Our goal is to provide individual patient care plans that meet their needs. The home care management is accomplished using clinical pathways in disease managements.

How do I get started?

Complete an online request form or call our office at (419) 222-9410

Can companion workers provide services in Assisted living?

Yes our companion caregiver can provide care in Assisted livings or home environments

Are my caregiver qualified?

All our clinical Nurses, Therapist, HHAs, STNAs and non-medical caregivers are carefully screened and credentialed prior to employment and regularly on basis per regulations. All clinicians are licensed and our caregivers have undergone the required necessary training for the job.

How many hours is minimum or maximum for non medical services (private duty/respite/companion)

Services starting from a minimum of 3 hours per shift with a total of 1-2 shifts/wk and up to 24 hours care.

Is there a fee if I can cancel?

No. But we will appreciate a courtesy call a day or two prior to the service. To prevent our staff from making unnecessary trips. We also ask that you notify us at least 48hrs in advance if you choose to end the services.

Can my non-medical caregivers administer medications or a transfer?

Non-medical caregivers are not skilled to administer medications or perform full patient transfers. Please call our office and request for skilled services

How much does non medical services (private duty/respite care/ personal care/ companion) cost?

Rates for non medical care are determined through a consultative or completion of free assessment. The clinician will review patient current condition plus desired services and make necessary recommendations. The clinician will then discuss the required / desired services along with the fees.

Are your home care employees CPR certified?

All our employee involved in patient care are CPR certified once hired and regularly

Who do we contact for the wellness clinic services? And how much does it cost?

We will be more than happy to discuss wellness services with you on the phone or in person to answer all your inquires as well as to discuss our rates. Our rates are usually affordable and our services are flexible.