Home care includes a broad range of health care services that are provided by skilled certified professionals and can be given in the patient’s home for a chronic illness or injury to decreased mobility or weakness, as prescribed by a physician. For many older adults, most of their time is spent in the comfort of their home, but unfortunately for them, old age is accompanied by many chronic medical conditions and functional deficits. This ultimately leads to multiple visits to the doctor’s office or ER. Therefore, aged people are now opting for a home-based senior-care, which allows them to stay at home and receive the required medical attention.

Home healthcare services can include skilled nursing; physical, occupational and speech-language therapy; therapeutic care; non medical services and home based medical services. The clinical team of professionals at understand these conditions and are always available to provide appropriate and expert care when it comes to acute or chronic illness, limited mobility or decreased physical functioning by a well-practiced disease management strategy.

The primary objective of home health care services is to assist individuals, thereby improving body function and helping them live with greater independence at home. It is not always feasible for patients with mobility issues, chronic diseases, and weaknesses consistently stay in hospitals, away from the safety and comfort of their home. Health care away from home means additional hospital bills and loss of revenue when family members miss work. Therefore, home-based elder care is the best option in such cases. It promotes client’s optimal level of well-being, allowing the patients to stay at home, and single-handedly avoid hospitalization and admission to long-term care institutions.

Physicians may refer patients for home health care services, that can also be requested by family members and friends provided that the patient is under the care of a doctor. Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurances provide home health service coverage for elderly patients (65 years and above), who are struggling with management of chronic diseases or limited mobility. It is a known fact that when patients’ needs are so severe, daily care is required, and it might prove to be a financial burden on the family if the patient in question is ineligible for home health coverage through insurances. You can find out about other options relating to home health care on

Home-based therapeutic exercises have become widely popular with patients having mobility issues and other chronic diseases such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s. The primary advantage of in-home therapeutic exercises under the supervision of physical and occupational therapists is that you can perform your exercise without getting embarrassed and shy while exercising in a group. You can work on each exercise at your pace in the comfort and security of your own house. There are various benefits of in home therapeutic activities such as the promotion of self-care; increased strength and range of movement; fewer complaints; better gait and balance, fall prevention and most importantly, positive findings for acceptance and determination.

Exercise is a proven treatment for body pains, and are the most frequently used treatment method for patients with subacute and chronic back pains, arthritis and frequent falls or stroke patients. Generally, in a home-based healthcare set-up, the physical or occupational therapists perform assessment and prescribe patient-specific, modified, and home-based exercise programs. These programs are based on the patient’s disease and functional limitations which are to be carried out for a given period. These instructions are executed by the patient under the supervision of a therapist or a family caregiver. If deterioration of health is observed after discharge, the therapist can initiate an evaluation for a new exercise routine for the patient.

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